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Wanda Heimbecker
Executive Director
The WMD Team is comprised of big-picture, visionary professionals who "think outside the box." With more than a century of collective management experience in the communications industry, we provide superior results through unique and long standing consortium relationships. As a full service marketing and communications firm, WMD Consultants employs the talents of proven marketplace specialists throughout Southern Ontario in our solid business network.

Eliminating an exclusive centralized infrastructure, the WMD Consultants corporate culture and framework reflects an international network of service providers, assuring greater sustainability and measurable results. Our out-source network is like no other!

Clients and budgets of all sizes benefit from our personalized service approach, representing both primary and secondary markets. WMD empowers our clients with knowledge, management solutions and assistance in skill development for long term sustainability. Whether for immediate results or succession planning, WMD Consultants manages and implements long-range visionary strategies and campaigns based on our clients needs and desires.

Our customer driven solutions provide performance-based benchmarks, and evaluations, facilitating authentic client empowerment!

Since 1992, this consortium of talented professionals has provided the management expertise to hundreds of projects through a wide range of services.

Create win-win results and relationships with WMD Consultants


Since 1992, Wanda Heimbecker, has excelled in forging private and public sector leadership development strategies as a marketing and communication specialist and founder of WMD Consultants.

As a business management professional, she represents the exclusive marketing and development firm for Whistling Gardens, while managing daily operations as the Association Manager of the Mechanical Contractors Association - Hamilton, also representing Wentworth, Lincoln, Wellington, Brant, Haldimand, and Norfolk Counties.

Her accomplishments have earned her notable provincial and municipal peer recognition while maintaining integral longstanding relationships. She has co-authored the international best-selling book and mentoring tool "Sales Gurus Speak Out" now translated into six languages, and is a recipient of the 2013 Canada's Best New Garden Experience presented by the Canadian and International Garden Tourism Awards and 2013 Sustainable Tourism Ambassador of the Year Award presented by the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation in partnership with Norfolk County. Other notable awards include the Rogers Cable Youth Programming Award, a Festivals and Events Ontario provincial award for "Best Community Sponsorship" and a Greater Hamilton Tourism "New Tourism Idea" award. She has also been recognized in several publications including Biz Magazine as one of 10 over-achievers in their cover story, "A Special Breed" as she continues to work with leaders and stakeholders on collaborative projects within the public, corporate, charitable and philanthropic sectors.

Wanda has held several founding committee chair positions, for the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton Safe Communities Coalition, and Hamilton Training Board. With over forty community appointments in education, healthcare, economic development and the tourism sectors, her current engagements include several subcommittees dedicated to advocacy and preservation of the Mechanical Contractors industry, while holding office as the "first" female President of The Brantford Club during their 111th year, the Norfolk County Tourism & Economic Development Advisory Board, and the MCA Canada Manager’s Council Executive.

Wanda and her husband composer "Aria" and propagator Darren Heimbecker, owner of Whistling Gardens Ltd. reside at their 56-acre farm in Wilsonville, Ontario. This award-winning, unique property represents agriculture bio diversity in Norfolk County, known to many as "Ontario's Garden" while hosting annual tour operator groups, education/horticulture, arts and wellness programming as well as weddings and celebrations.
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Sales Gurus Speak Out

Sales Gurus Speak Out

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